Christopher Borton

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Chris Borton is co-founder and director of Sage Mountain Center. Raised in Santa Rosa, CA he has traveled throughout the United States, India, and Europe and in 1990 was certified in Hatha yoga instruction from the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center. As a fourth generation homebuilder, he has over 25 years experience in the solar and wind, and eco- building industry. Chris continues to consult and give lectures and seminars to students, homeowners, and businesses throughout the state. He is currently on the board of directors for the Montana Renewable Energy Association (Vice President 2003 – 2012) and the Montana Energy Education Council. His avocations include drumming for various classical/ jazz/rock ensembles as well as maintaining his skills after winning the 2015 US Adult National Figure Skating Championship.

Linda Welsh

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Linda Welsh is co-founder of Sage Mountain Center. She is a Registered Nurse certified in Hospice and Palliative Care, Regional educator for Rocky Mountain Hospice, and a Certified Yoga Teacher with an M.A. in Transformative Learning and Change. Linda is committed to the work of personal and social transformation and this is enhanced by her love of poetry, gardening/permaculture, soap making, back packing, and people.

Linda Borton

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Linda Borton, a native Californian, mother of four and a grandmother, moved to Montana in 2003 after spending half of her life as a hair dresser and bookseller. She embarked on a new journey, closer to family and in the company of the Rocky Mountains. An environmental activist whose travels have inspired her life-long appreciation of the planet and all things in the natural world, Linda continues to expand her understanding of deep ecology and orient herself to the splendor and distinctiveness of this place. A supporter of Sage Mountain Center since its inception, she currently works as projects assistant in support of operations. She is a yoga practitioner, avid reader, film buff, and has recently taken up kayaking and mat cutting/framing.

Warren Hill

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Born in Columbus, GA in 1958, Warren Hill VI was raised in Los Angeles County, California and started working in the grocery business at 16 years old. He retired from the business after 30 years and moved to Montana in 2004 to join SMC as Project Assistant. Warren had visited Sage Mountain Center for years on vacation/retreats and decided to make the move towards a simple natural life. He is a vegan, yoga practitioner, and avid reader.