TV Casting Call for Sustainable Building Reality Show!

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Sage Mountain Center has been working with a production company out of Los Angeles to create two TV shows involving alternative construction. We are looking for builders and teams familiar with cordwood/straw bale construction and general alternative construction skills (Sage Mountain Center will not have a team but will be the Project Director). The shows are being pitched to Discovery Channel, Home and Garden, as well as other stations. The premise of the show is teams/families/individuals compete to build beautiful, creative, luxurious off-grid buildings under a tight time frame of 2-3 months. Winners could win land, the building, or cash prizes!

Ready to build or find out more? Vist Stackwallin’ for cord wood builders or Whimsical Bed & Breakfast for the 800′ cottage build. You may also download my letter of introduction for a bit more information.