Krater Garden – 2015

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Sepp Sage

Sepp Holzer inspecting soil.

Last summer with the help of Zach Weiss, our Sepp Holzer Krater Garden was constructed. The legendary author and teacher Sepp Holzer himself shared his vision and knowledge with 50 attendees during a week-long workshop as we quickly assembled the team of dump trucks, excavators, and hand tools. The initial shape was formed during the workshop and throughout the remainder of the year the Sage Mountaineers continued to complete the spillways, planting, and fencing before the ground froze in December. Just now sprouts and blades of grass are starting to poke up from the earth as the land officially enters spring in our area. We created an Indiegogo fundraiser to help cover some of the costs and with the onsite video assistance of the master Raleigh Latham we got a solid start on the project. The demo Krater Garden is an on-going project, an experiment to help us all understand what is agriculturally possible, and not possible, at our 6,400 elevation with 12” of annual precipitation. Currently, the pond at the bottom of the garden is re-saturating from rain and snow run-off and we’re eagerly waiting to see what manifests in this Krater Garden of Eden.