Sage Mountain CenterCenter Happenings

Late fall of last year we noticed a raven regularly visiting the Crater Garden. Each evening around 6pm he would hobble into the garden to snack and drink. His wing was broken and dragging on the ground. After careful consideration we decided to catch him and see if his wing was repairable. Ravens are very intelligent birds and he let us catch him. After some research and phone calls to bird sanctuaries it was determined that his shoulder was broken and could not be repaired. What to do? He would not survive the winter in his condition so we gave him access to our fenced garden for protection. We built some ladders so that he could hop in and out and have a good balance of safety and freedom. He liked it. We now call him Raymond Walker. Turns out he found a favorite Doug fir tree, also accessed with log ladders, and he has roosted way at the top all winter long. Legally, we cannot confine him so he is free to come and go using the ladders. Sometimes he’s gone for days and we think, “He has finally flown the coop,” and then all of a sudden he is cawing and chatting up a storm like a rooster in the morning (they are very communicative animals). We feel blessed to have Raymond Walker as a neighbor. [insert images]