Sage Mountain Center Video Library


This video is a renewable energy business profile about Sage Mountain Center created in 2012 by the Montana Renewable Energy Association, a nonprofit organization with a mission to increase the use of renewable energy in Montana through policy change and public education.

A Sustainable Haven

The video Sage Mountain Center: A Sustainable Haven was produced in 2010 by Supreme Master Television, an international, non-profit channel airing constructive news and programs that foster peace and promote healthy, green living.

Krater Garden


In 2014, Sage Mountain Center created a krater garden designed and constructed by Sepp Holzer and Zachary Weiss. This large, self-sustaining krater garden is an example of what permaculture can be.



Sage Mountain Center created a nine circuit, Baltic (Goddess) pattern labyrinth in 2015. This 1/4 mile long path is one of the larger demonstration labyrinths with a 90′ diameter. This slide show reveals the creation of this labyrinth.

The Beauty of Cordwood Construction


Chris Borton presented at Butte-Silver Bow Public Archives’ Brown Bag Lunch series with a presentation about “The Beauty of Cordwood Construction.” He shares over 25 years of construction expertise to cover the basics of log selection, construction methods, and mortar mixing.

Local TV Interview


Local television station KPAX-TV spends time at Sage Mountain Center interviewing Chris Borton about off-grid living in 2019.